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website development

Building a website for your business should not be complicated and should not break the bank. With so many new options for users and business owners to choose from a web site should be clear, to the point and meet the needs of the clients or customers of businesses.

over 80% of all websites are accessed via a mobile device

Every website on the internet today should be Mobile Enabled. Businesses have less than 5 seconds to capture a user’s attention and keep his focus on their site. All websites are built using WordPress CMS (content management system).

about lillysoft

LillySoft was started in 2001 in Texas by Lilly Bueche who as a software engineer worked mainly on web based applications that were developed in C#, ASP.Net and SQL/Oracle Databases.

Lilly began her career building “intranets” for the customers of the company she was working for in 1998. Because of her skills, she was continually asked to build websites for small businesses. After many requests she saw the need and opportunity to create LillySoft.

Today (2018) Lilly is a stay at home mom with two young children who keep her busy but not enough to keep her from playing with and staying up to date on new technologies in the ever growing WWW.

Lilly has a continuing love of all technology and enjoys building, creating, and testing new ways to improve and simplify users’ experiences in websites.


Website Development
Website Development
  • Responsive Web Design
  • E-commerce Sites
  • Business Profile Sites
  • Educational Sites
  • Medical Practice Sites
  • Graphic and Logo Design
  • Calendars, Blogs, Sliders, Pop-Ups
  • Photo galleries, image movement
  • Content Writing and Research
  • Social Media Management
  • Intuitive Database Integration
  • Video and Video Animations
  • Smart Forms and Interaction
  • Content Management Systems
  • Google and Facebook Ads Management Services
  • Technical Writing
  • Hosting and Domain Services
  • Webmaster Support (Manage and Maintain)
  • CMS Maintenance and Programs
  • Custom PHP/MySQL Programming
  • Email Integration and Marketing Platforms
  • SalesForce Admin and Development

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